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Premium Financing for Life Insurance

If you're interested in licensing or reselling our financing program in your state, please contact us.
We offer exclusive premium financing on all large life insurance policies.

Business Insurance

Regardless of how large or small your business is, you must protect your business with business insurance. Of course, everything is relative and thus, no two businesses will require the same types of business insurance.


Bellow are short reviews for a number on industry related sites.

Military Kit Insurance Abacus cover provides armed forces insurance, car insurance, life insurance, kit insurance.

Small Business Insurance - We provide insurance coverage to businesses and individuals; consulting services for OSHA, loss control, risk management, appraisal, claims, and third-party administration. We also provide complete professional service in placing business insurance coverage for Property, General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Disability, Automobile, Homeowners, Equipment and Tools, Professional Liability, Boiler and Machinery, and Flood Insurance.

Rick Young Insurance & Associates - Rick Young & Associates offers a wide range of plans to meet the needs of Michigan’s Health Insurance and Michigan’s Medical Insurance customers.

Commercial Loans - Our main service is providing acquisition, development, construction, bridge, mezzanine, and permanent financing for commercial real estate projects.

Collection Agency, Williams Cohen & Gray - Williams, Cohen & Gray Inc. is a full service Collection Agency specializing in Commercial and International Debt Recovery. No Collection No Fee.

Anotherwinningtrade.com - Anotherwinningtrade.com is the number one stock trading picks web site on the Internet today. Anthony's Meyers has a proven and documented track record of successful trades since October 2001!

1st Metropolitan Mortgage - Streamline refinance and home equity mortgage loans for veterans. Apply online.

Hammond Annuity and Insurance Services - Hammond Insurance Services serve the financial and insurance needs of hundreds of Californians with Quality Health Insurance, Tax Deferred Annuities, Life Insurance, Long Term Care plans.

Annuities by Annuity Advantage - Annuity rates and quotes from over 30 different insurance companies. Search, compare and learn about more than 300 CD-type, fixed-rate, equity-indexed and immediate income annuities.

Used Car Loans - Car Loan Now - Car Loan Now provides services nationwide for new and used car loans for all credit including bad credit.

Carpenter & Associates, Inc., Business Loan Sources - Money Source, business loans, equipment refinancing. Our primary job is to match your company with the perfect private lending source to provide operating capital for all of your business loan needs.

Xeon Insurance - Find best insurance deals and advice on different types of insurance policies for you and your family.

California Medical Insurance - California Medical and Life insurance instant quote comparisons with several top rated companies including Blue Cross of California, for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Insurance Leads - We provide the freshest insurance leads to licensed insurance agents that are looking for qualified prospective buyers.

Health insurance - Medical insurance - Private Medical Insurance and private health insurance to large and small companies, individuals, families and couples.