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Premium Financing for Life Insurance

If you're interested in licensing or reselling our financing program in your state, please contact us.
We offer exclusive premium financing on all large life insurance policies.

Business Insurance

Regardless of how large or small your business is, you must protect your business with business insurance. Of course, everything is relative and thus, no two businesses will require the same types of business insurance.

Take Your Business in Your Hands

Welcome to Midwest Premium Financing! 

Insurance Premium Financing is another kind of financing program, only that it caters specifically to life insurance, meaning that premium financing is one option for individuals to pay for the life insurance policy.  

It works basically like our capital financing program. An individual negotiates a loan with us. We then examine if the applicant qualifies for the loan. While our capital financing loan caters to employed individuals in the middle to high salary range, on the other hand, our premium-financing loan caters to individuals with a high net worth.   

If the sum of all your existing businesses, money instruments and other assets total millions of dollars, then check with us if you qualify for a premium-financing loan.

How Premium Financing Works

How it all works is quite simple. You take out a premium-financing loan with us. If you qualify for the loan we will, then pay for ALL the premiums on your life insurance policy. You will then pay the loan. We have to repayment options available:  

1 - Pay in easy monthly installments until the loan’s maturity

2 - Pay the loan (principal plus interest) upon your death

If you choose to pay the loan upon your death, the entire loan will be deducted from the death benefit. The remaining amount is then given to your beneficiaries.  

Is Premium Financing For You?  

You should only take out a premium-financing loan if you intend to take out a policy amounting to millions of dollars, and if you have the financial capacity to pay for the loan in your lifetime if you choose to pay in monthly installments.  

Majority of our clients who take out a premium-financing loan are elderly citizens who would like to (a) bequeath millions of dollars to their heirs without greatly impacting their current liquidity, (b) secure their estate from taxes by using their life insurance to pay for them.

Please contact us for more information on premium financing.